“A Lawyers’s Criminal Lawyer”

Frank Pizzimenti has been practicing criminal law in and around the GTA for 27 years.Impaired Driving Lawyer

He is meticulous about details and knows the Criminal Justice System’s process inside out and has taken a Breath Testing Principles and Practice Seminar with one of the country’s leading toxicologists. 

“Most cases are won or lost before the trial even starts.”

Frank Pizzimenti’s goal is to avoid trial and that’s why he works hard from the outset to prepare your defense. “Your defence starts the minute you’re charged,” notes Frank Pizzimenti. “I attend the scene of the arrest, I drive the route the police say they drove to observe the accused to compare whether or not it is possible.”Toronto Criminal Lawyer

He’s always looking for the missing piece in the story.

“If the police say they followed the suspect driving 100 km/h for five minutes and the street is only 100 metres long, how can that be?” he challenges. “A lot of lawyers won’t bother attending at the scene but I do because I’m looking for inconsistencies from the witnesses and the geography. I get statements from the start.”

He’s the criminal lawyer other lawyers call first.

“Corporate lawyers, family lawyers, real estate lawyers and civil litigators frequently refer their clients charged in criminal matters to me and consult with me because they know me, my approach and they trust me to do the best for their best clients,” says Frank Pizzimenti. While Frank works alone and handles clients personally, he also has a network of top private investigators and other experts to call upon to offer testimony on clients’ behalf.Toronto Criminal Lawyer

“I do whatever it takes to maximize the client defense and ensure a best possible outcome.”


Frank Pizzimenti: well known, well respected and trusted. He’s the criminal lawyer other lawyers call first.
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