Sexual Assault:

No criminal offence under the Criminal Code is more emotionally charged than the offence of sexual assault. 
It invokes tremendous hatred and anger towards the accused.  If found guilty, the consequences are devastating; a jail sentence almost always follows.

The accused is placed on a sex offender registry and will have to advise the police of where they are working and living at all times.  The offender will have to provide a DNA sample. Furthermore, Criminal Record pardons/suspensions are no longer available for those convicted of sex offences. 

Sexual assault is defined as non-consensual touching violates the sexual integrity of the victim. The part being touched doesn’t necessarily have to be a sex organ and the definition of sex assault can include an unwanted kiss or touch of a sexual nature.

To properly defend this type of allegation requires a tremendous amount of work and preparation. The use of private investigators can be invaluable in preparing for trial.

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