Police and Courts

The criminal just process is a long and winding road

The criminal justice process started long before you were arrested and charged; it started when police launched an investigation which led to charges.

Frank Pizzimenti specializes in criminal law and knows the best defense also starts with early preparation.

“The criminal justice system is a process of several steps and there are no short cuts,” he said. “It isn’t an event. It doesn’t get wrapped in an hour like on TV. There’s no magic. I don’t just show up in a nice suit. I’m persistent and tenacious.”


Under Arrest

You are under arrest when a police officer places his hands upon you and says “I am arresting you for...” and then proceeds to name the offence for which he must have reasonable and probable grounds to lay charges.
At this stage the police must caution you by reading your rights which include the right to counsel and the right to remain silent.
You should exercise both these rights because anything you say can and will be used against you. It is crucial that you contact a lawyer like Frank Pizzimenti immediately. 

Bail Hearing


The first issue you will face is whether you should be released from custody once arrested by the police.
This has nothing to do with your guilt or innocence since you are presumed innocent.  In most cases bail is usually the outcome.
Indeed Section 11(e) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states:  “any person charged with an offence has the right not to be denied reasonable bail without just cause.”
Being properly prepared for a bail hearing is crucial.  Most cases are either won or lost at the bail hearing!
What does that mean?  Not being fully prepared and not having suitable sureties (people available to sign for your bail) can result in an individual who is presumed innocent being denied bail and remaining in custody pending his or her trial. This sometimes can take several months.


Your series of court appearances can be confusing especially when all that seems to happen is to set a date to be spoken to.
But it is during this excruciating slow process that the behind the scenes work is going on.
Rest assured Frank Pizzimenti is using every opportunity to prepare for your defense.

“Trials are won or lost long before they begin.”

Preliminary Hearing

If your case is headed for trial the case against you must be heard by a Judge who will determine if there is enough evidence upon which a reasonable jury properly instructed could convict.
At a Preliminary Hearing the Crown will present its case against you while Frank Pizzimenti will challenge the evidence and test the Crown’s case. 


A trial takes place either in front of a judge or a jury and Frank Pizzimenti will advise you on the best options for your case.
If you are found guilty, the trial will proceed to the final stage of sentencing. If you are found innocent you will be free to go.

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